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Ken Tufnell

Kenneth M. Tufnell in Manistique Michigan

 Kenneth M. Tufnell was born in Manistique Michigan in 1952. The small town of Manistique is nestled near the great leaks on the upper peninsula of Michigan. In that undeveloped area Ken grew a strong bond with nature that manifests itself in his imagery.

   When Ken turned 19 he was rearing to discover the world outside of his small town so he joined the military. It was during his tour in Vietnam that Ken acquired his first SLR camera. He had always been interested in photography and once he got his hands on that camera he never stopped taking photos. When Ken was discharged from the military he moved to California where he had two beautiful children. His children Inspired him to capture every moment on film.

   Today Ken owns his own business Tuf Machinery Service which keeps him very busy, but every chance he gets he is off on another photo adventure. He loves to take photos, because they brings great enjoyment to others. He has put this collection together for the enjoyment of people around the world.